There are millions of people from different parts of the world who are actually keen on finding and renting serviced apartments according to research done by professionals in the real estate industry. Finding the best serviced apartments in Melbourne is especially daunting and time consuming for most people simply because the demand for such...

When you travel to another city or state, there is a need to find an excellent serviced apartment to stay in for many days. In the market, several firms are offering apartments that will suit your needs well, but you should ensure that you choose a firm that will sort out your need excellently. That is a having an apartment...

When it comes to visiting any state or city you should consider getting the right serviced apartment to spend in for the several days you will be in the place. It is never an easy task to find an excellent, serviced apartment. But when you happen to acquire the right firm that is offering serviced apartment, you will be...

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My name is Anthony Garfield and I'm a painter and art enthusiast.

My first memories of painting come from the age of 6. After finishing Art School I started working on a series of paintings that is now exhibited in the City Gallery.

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